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Say goodbye to manual transcriptions and embrace a cost-effective, highly accurate method of transcribing event recordings. With BigSpeak, experience swift and precise transcription, starting without any cost.

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    What else you can do with BigSpeak

    BigSpeak is a free app that generates realistic sounding audio from text.
    We use a mix of machine learning algorithms to bring you the best voice generation technology.

    Speech to Text

    Automatically transform voice to text with our powerful AI tool. BigSpeak helps you easily convert audio inputs into text files, supporting multiple languages.

    Voice Cloning

    BigSpeak is the text-to-speech software that integrates the voice cloning solution that you were looking for. Generate voice from text and clone your own voice for outstanding results.

    Revolutionize your workflow with our cutting-edge features

    Unleash the Power of BigSpeak for Flawless Conference Documentation

    With BigSpeak, your conference comes to life in the written word, catering to those who missed the event, wish to relive it, or have hearing impairments. Capture every critical detail, impressing your clients with comprehensive documentation and leaving a lasting impression of a flawlessly managed conference. Our AI backed transcription will capture all relevant details, in multiple languages, outlining the relevant transcription for one speaker or more.

    Accelerate Turnaround Time, Simplify Costs

    Unlike traditional transcription services BigSpeak uses cutting edge technology to return your transcriptions in near real-time. The software is free to start up to 30 minutes and even with paid versions we don't charge extra for poor audio quality or multiple speakers. Our transparent pricing remains consistent, regardless of your audio content or transcript format.

    Unlock the Potential of BigSpeak for Next-Level Event Transcriptions

    BigSpeak empowers you to embrace the future of event transcription. Harness the intelligence of AI and the precision of cutting-edge technology to capture every word, ensuring your conferences and conventions leave a lasting impact. Experience BigSpeak—where accuracy, efficiency, and excellence converge.

    Streamlined, Secure, and Confidential: The BigSpeak Advantage

    Experience simplicity, security, and confidentiality with our state-of-the-art software. BigSpeak's intuitive system ensures secure transcriptions, while keeping your data safe.

    Free Voices

    Your free account allows you to effortlessly experience clear and natural text-to-speech conversions. Our free voices provide clear and natural-sounding speech that's easy on the ears. You can get started right away.

    John, USA  
    "Automatically transform voice to text with our powerful AI tool. BigSpeak helps you easily..."

    Lili, France  
    "Transformez automatiquement la voix en texte avec notre puissant outil d'IA. BigSpeak..."

    Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia  
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    SuperClear Voices

    Take your projects to the next level with our premium voices. For a more immersive audio experience, our premium voices feature the latest in AI & ML technology, delivering the ultimate results. Upgrade to use synthetic AI voices created by training neural networks on large amounts of speech data.

    Thomas, USA  
    "Automatically transform voice to text with our powerful AI tool. BigSpeak helps you easily..."

    Michel, France  
    "Transformez automatiquement la voix en texte avec notre puissant outil d'IA. BigSpeak..."

    Ahmad, Saudi Arabia  
    "قم بتحويل الصوت تلقائيًا إلى نص باستخدام أداة الذكاء الاصطناعي القوية الخاصة بنا. يساعدك BigSpeak..."

    Lukas, Germany  
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    Yìchén, China  
    "使用我们强大的 AI 工具自动将语音转换为文本。 BigSpeak 可帮助您轻松将音频输入转换为文本文件..."

    How can I use BigSpeak AI
    transcriptions for my event?

    Automatically transform voice to text with our powerful AI tool. BigSpeak helps you easily convert audio inputs into text files, supporting multiple languages.

    Accurately transform spoken words into written text easily, for interviews, meetings, or even live speeches recorded straight into our app. We’re using the latest technologies in natural language processing and machine learning to achieve outstanding accuracy in transcribing spoken words.

    Improve Event Marketing and Promotion

    Transcribing audio content from speaker sessions or interviews conducted during previous events allows planners to repurpose that content for marketing and promotional purposes. Transcriptions can be transformed into blog posts, social media captions, or newsletter content, extending the event's reach and impact.

    Enhancing Event Accessibility

    Accessibility is crucial in events, and providing transcriptions of speeches, panel discussions, or presentations ensures that participants with hearing impairments can fully engage with the content. Transcriptions can be shared in real-time through a PRO BigSpeak subscription or made available post-event for reference.

    Creating Event Reports and Summaries

    After an event concludes, planners can compile comprehensive reports and summaries for clients, sponsors, or internal stakeholders. By transcribing audio recordings of event proceedings, BigApeak helps planners to create accurate and detailed reports, including notable moments, attendee feedback, and recommendations for future events.

    To try speech-to-text for free click HERE.

    10 ways to improve your event experience and marketing
    using BigSpeak AI transcriptions:

    1. Enhanced Accessibility

    By providing audio transcriptions of keynote speeches, conferences can ensure inclusivity and accessibility for attendees with hearing impairments or language barriers. Transcriptions enable these individuals to fully engage with the content and absorb the valuable insights shared during the event.

    2. Post-Event Content

    Transcribed keynotes serve as valuable post-event content that can be shared on the conference website, social media platforms, or included in event reports. This allows attendees to revisit and reinforce their learning, while also attracting new audiences who are interested in the conference's subject matter.

    3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Audio transcriptions provide text-based content that can be indexed by search engines. By publishing transcriptions alongside video or audio recordings of keynotes, conferences can improve their online visibility and organic search rankings. This helps attract a wider audience and increases the chances of gaining new attendees for future events.

    4. Social Media Engagement

    Transcriptions of keynotes can be utilized as engaging snippets or quotes on social media platforms. Conference organizers can create visually appealing graphics using key insights from the transcriptions and share them across various channels. This not only generates buzz and interest but also encourages social media users to engage, share, and discuss the content, amplifying the conference's reach and brand visibility.

    5. Thought Leadership Showcase

    By curating and publishing transcriptions of keynote speeches, conferences can establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries. These transcriptions showcase the expertise, knowledge, and innovative ideas shared by influential speakers at the event. By positioning the conference as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, conferences can attract high-profile speakers and build a reputation as a must-attend event within their industry.

    6. Knowledge Repository

    Audio transcriptions serve as a valuable knowledge repository for attendees. By making transcriptions available post-event, conference organizers enable participants to review and reinforce their learning. Attendees can refer back to specific points, quotes, or ideas shared during the keynotes, allowing them to deepen their understanding and apply the insights gained.

    7. Content Personalization

    Transcriptions enable conferences to personalize the content experience for attendees. Organizers can provide attendees with access to the transcriptions, allowing them to highlight and annotate key parts that resonate with them. This empowers attendees to create personalized summaries or takeaways, enhancing their engagement and facilitating knowledge retention.

    8. Speaker Quotes and Testimonials

    Transcriptions capture impactful quotes, anecdotes, and stories shared by keynote speakers. These quotes can be used as compelling testimonials or endorsements, highlighting the value and impact of attending the conference. By featuring these quotes in marketing materials, websites, or promotional videos, conferences can effectively showcase the caliber of their speakers and the unique insights they offer.

    9. Content Repurposing

    Transcriptions provide a wealth of content that can be repurposed across various mediums. Conference organizers can repurpose the transcriptions into blog posts, articles, e-books, or whitepapers, extending the lifespan of the event content. This not only provides additional value to attendees but also positions the conference as a reliable and authoritative source of industry-specific knowledge.

    9. Data Analysis and Insights

    Text-based transcriptions can be analyzed using natural language processing and text mining techniques to uncover trends, sentiments, and emerging topics discussed during the keynotes. By extracting valuable insights from the transcriptions, conferences can gain a deeper understanding of attendee interests, preferences, and industry trends. These insights can be utilized to shape future event programming, identify relevant themes, or even inform marketing strategies.

    Overall, audio transcriptions of keynotes add value to the conference experience, extend the reach of event content, and help conferences establish a strong brand presence both during and after the event. By leveraging audio transcriptions in these ways, conferences can optimize the event experience, extend the reach of their content, and position themselves as industry leaders, ultimately enhancing attendee satisfaction and attracting a wider audience.


    BigSpeak is the text-to-speech software that integrates the voice cloning solution that you were looking for. Generate voice from text and clone your own voice for outstanding results. Used by thousands of content creators from all over the world, BigSpeak will take care of the repetitive work so that you can focus on the important stuff.

    What is Voice Cloning?

    Voice cloning is the process of creating an artificial copy of someone's specific, unique voice. With BigSpeak's proprietary technology you can safely clone your voice and use it to create synthetic speeches from texts.

    Using a voice recording you provided us with in the app, the system will generate a digital copy of your voice, allowing you to use it for multiple speeches created with BigSpeak.

    Voice cloning is fun to play with, but it's also extremely useful for content creators.

    The benefits of using a voice cloning software

    Voice cloning helps content creators save tons of work. If you are a content creator doing voice-overs, our solution offers a one-stop shop suited for your needs. Not only that you can use the text-to-speech tool to generate synthetic voices for your videos or games, but now you can replicate your own voice and use it for all of your work.

    What previously took hours and hours of hard work - recording multiple audio files can now be done by our AI solution.

    Imagine what it means to register multiple voice-overs. Traditionally, content creators would need to first write the scripts for each of these voiceovers. The meaningful, creative part of the process. And then, the repetitive, time-consuming part begins:

    Each script would need to be recorded. Over and over again, until you have a file that would serve your purpose.

    With our voice cloning software, there's no need to create the perfect conditions for voice recordings. Once you have created the digital copy, you can automatically create speeches based on your creative texts. Without having to say a single word.

    Real-life applications for voice cloning

    You are now familiar with voice cloning, how it works, and how it can save hours of hard work. Now let's see how to use it for different use cases:

    Film and TV

    One of the most common use cases for text-to-speech and voice cloning is in the film industry. Instead of recording tens of scripts, professionals can now use an AI solution that automatically converts the scripts into speeches. Furthermore, with voice cloning, you can now use the distinctive voice of one of your team members throughout the entire project.

    Animations & Games

    Just like for films and TV shows, digital animations and video games take full advantage of text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies. The entire journey of your hero can be narrated with a computer-generated voice that expresses emotions.


    Podcasts are a great way to share your knowledge with your community, but it's not always easy to record and edit them. Now imagine an easy way to transform a text interview into an engaging podcast in a matter of minutes. Pretty cool, right? With our voice cloning software, you need to create just one copy of your voice and then you can use it over and over again to generate engaging podcasts.


    Instead of recording voiceover each time you want to release a new ad, you can now simply create the digital copy of a human voice and use it each time you want to test what your customers respond to.

    Employee Onboarding

    Especially in the hybrid working environment, onboarding videos are a crucial part of the employee onboarding process. Now you can easily create personalized messages for each new team member, without having to go through the same process over and over again. Extremely efficient when you decide to use a familiar voice (like the one of the CEO of the company) and always adapt the message to suit your newest internal processes.

    How to clone voices using BigSpeak

    When using our text-to-speech solution, you’ll see that you can select several voices, using different languages, to generate the voice. But you also have the voice cloning option, the one that allows you to record and use your own voice for further works.

    For security reasons, we validate each voice reference on a per-account basis. You need to read out loud a specific text. The system will record your speech and, based on our algorithms, will asynchronously create a digital copy of your voice. Once the voice is uploaded within your account, you will be able to select it and generate speeches based on your texts and scripts.

    To record your voice click HERE.


    What are the usage rights for BigSpeak? Can I use it for a promotional or commercial video?
    Yes, you can use our text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and voice cloning tools to generate content that will be used for commercial purposes without having to obtain any additional licenses or permissions. We encourage all users to review our terms of service and acceptable use policy for more information on usage rights and restrictions here.
    Is BigSpeak free to use?
    Yes, BigSpeak is free to use by anyone. With the free version of the software, you can access up to 8,000 characters per month for Text-to-Speech, and up to 60 minutes per month for AI Audio Transcription (speech-to-text). The paid plan includes 100,000 characters for text-to-speech and 180 minutes of AI Audio Transcription. Additionally, the paid plan includes access to a higher quality of AI-generated voices and email support from our team.
    What is text-to-speech technology?
    Text-to-speech technology allows you to convert written text into audio format. With BigSpeak, you can input a text and it will be transformed into natural-sounding audios that you can use for both profit and non-profit activities.